Terms and Conditions for IGNITE 2017

1. The selected Founders attending IGNITE Weekend from outside Bangalore will need to arrange for their travel, however boarding and lodging will be provided by us.

2. Hotel accommodation will be provided for all the Founders. Rooms will be provided for 2 founders on a sharing basis.

3. At least 90% attendance is important for all IGNITE events (i.e. IGNITE Weekend, Conference calls etc). Please refer to the itinerary attached for program dates and times.

4. Please be punctual to all events. Arriving ten minutes before the start of events is advised.

5. Please fill out and send the feedback forms within the deadlines whenever they are sent to you.

6. Please complete all assignments that may be assigned to you throughout the IGNITE program.

7. Prompt response is required to all Sonder Connect modes of communication. Please respond to emails within 24 hours. For messages/calls, please respond as soon as possible.

8. Do be proactive in communicating with your mentor. Please respect the time your mentor has committed to you and be open to scheduling compromises.

9. Please communicate with Sonder Connect in case you encounter any problems.

10. Sonder Connect and IBM is allowed to use the founder/startup in any discussions with media and any communication in the public domain. Sonder Connect and its partners will not divulge any financial information without exclusive permission of the founder.

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