About SonderConnect

Sonder Connect is a not for profit trust, founded by 4 women who believe that the future is female, and supported by several men and women who believe that together we need to focus on nurturing Female Founders.

Our aim is to identify, nurture, and champion high potential women led start-ups in India with the goal of growing them to be multi-million/billion dollar companies. SonderConnect is exclusively focused on giving this group of women founders the tools they need to succeed through deep mentoring from international experts. Over the last 1 year, we have engaged with over a 100 female founders who have very promising

Businesses and established that the key challenges across them are:-

Many of the female founders had reached a decision point – to continue to keep it as a life style business or to scale it. Most equate getting money with getting scale but need the support to get the funding and to then use it effectively. We appreciate that these challenges may be no different from the challenges faced by a male founder; however, that cohort has a stronger foot in the door today. Long term, Sonder Connect will have created a generation of successful women entrepreneurs that are equal players in the vibrant Indian start-up eco-system.

Success for Sonder Connect will be nurturing 100 startups, over the next five years - which all have the potential to be multi-million dollar businesses. We believe this will change India's future.