Sonder Connect is a not for profit trust founded by four women who believe that the future is female. We identify, nurture, and champion high potential women led start-ups in India with the goal of growing them to be multi -million/billion dollar companies. Sonder Connect is exclusively focused on giving this group of women founders the tools they need to succeed.

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In 2015, India was the 5th largest startup ecosystem in the world, showing a 40% increase in the number of startups; however, only 9% of founders and co-founders in Indian startups are women. There is a problem in the start-up ecosystem for women and Sonder Connect wants to play a significant role in finding the solution. In the long term, our aim is to create a generation of successful women entrepreneurs that are equal players in the vibrant Indian start-up ecosystem.

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Propelling Women Empowerment


The IGNITE program by Sonder Connect will be nurturing 25-50 startups over the next three years, all of which have the potential to be billion dollar businesses.
Our Mission

Our mission is to make women powerful enough to reach their professional goals as entrepreneurs through proper education, mentoring, networking and business development.

Our Vision

Our vision is to craft an organization that: supports entrepreneurship and business ownership by all women; building a community of business women who support each other’s professional goals online, in-person, and through one-on-one mentorship relationships.

Our Values

We offer a plethora of networking and educational programs and seminars that enhance the professional capabilities and comprehension of its members. We present opportunities for members to develop their management, leadership, organizational and presentation skills through exchange of helpful knowledge and participation in various activities.